Skeleton Key Studios prides ourselves on telling compelling stories through photo and video. Our body of work ranges from Weddings, Events, Documentaries, Brand Development, and Fashion. We believe in the light, the grit and the emotions that create the human experience.

The spark you feel when the light catches your eye,

The glide of satin and lace across your skin,

The tingle of nerves before you walk on stage,

The warmth of a touch from a loved one.

We want the world to be a better place, and we hope that we can help do that by helping you tell your story. Some are stories of love and connection, the things that we crave. Some are stories are of hardship and hope. Some are stories of brands that will help connect people with their best selves. Some are stories of others also impacting this world.

I’m Nichole Sams and I am the Creative Director of Skeleton Key Studios. I connected with people by understanding their stories. I have an AMAZING team of talented individuals that share my passion for our craft, each with their own specialties. We consider ourselves a stealth family, in that we become part of your team, part of your day, understanding the intimate intricacies of your project.

Dare to share your story with us, and we will help make it a reality.